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Monday, October 10, 2016

What adult doesn’t reflect fondly upon the highly successful children’s series “Choose Your Own Adventure”? The seemingly infinite amount of possible adventures, the trading of books and swapping of stories, how it was strictly forbidden as book report material? Well, we remember. And we want to bring it back.

In “Lose Your Own Ending”, our transparent attempt at avoiding trademark infringement, humor is consistently chosen over happy endings. Our main character Lollie is a lonesome thirty-something, seeking plastic surgery as a cure-all to her First World problems. As the adventure ramps up and outcomes are chosen, no ending is better than the next. From botched procedures to incarceration to the cartel enslaving her augmented ass to traffic drugs, Lollie just can’t win.

With over 50 unique endings, imagine all the surgery fails and medical horrors to befall our poor little Lollie. Imagine all the amazing illustrations that will accompany these cosmetic catastrophes. Now, imagine how hard you'll laugh. We’ve also woven into Lollie’s tale trending topics such as zombies, drug lords, North Korea and the Kardashian clan. You could never predict all the ways we'll make you giggle and Lollie will lose!

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